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Toyo Single Drainpipes(for civil engineering)

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These pipes are highly chemical and impact resistant. They are lightweight and easy to install as well. Their waveform construction gives them high bending capacity, making them easy to lay in line with the shape of the site.


With its crests and troughs, the unique ribbed structure developed by our engineering staff offers superior bending performance, displaying a flexibility that allows the pipe to follow road alignments. With its roughness coefficient of 0.016, the pipe ensures energy dissipation effects in drainage applications with steep inclinations and angles, such as on slopes.

  • Excellent impact resistance
    The use of polyethylene provides superior impact resistance in comparison with other materials (PVC pipes, etc.). Also suitable for installation in snowy and cold areas.
  • Light weight facilitates work
    Because the pipes are relatively lighter than other products and have excellent flexibility, transportation and laying down are easy.
  • Corrosion-resistant material
    Polyethylene material is used to provide resistance to corrosion and attacks by a wide range of chemicals, including acids and alkalis.
  • Large range of sizes
    Large range of sizes available from φ50 mm to φ1500 mm to suit any site.


  • Road construction, drainage of spring water
  • Slope drainage
  • Hillside drainage channels
  • Land development, culverts for disaster prevention
  • Temporary piping in river improvement projects

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