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Toyo Drainpipes Z

Product Information


These pipes consist of a strong, high water-permeable polypropylene filter and ribbed supporting structure. This prevents earth and sand from entering the pipes, while ensuring a smooth water-absorption effect over the entire pipe surface.


  • Excellent permeability
    The pipe part uses polypropylene nonwoven fabric, with a large permeable area to display an excellent permeability.
  • Blocks any inflow of earth and sand
    Because of the filter effect, no earth or sand can enter through permeation holes like in perforated pipes.
  • Excellent initial absorption capacity
    The high-performance nonwoven fabric smoothly absorbs soil water.
  • Clogging problem solved
    Because sand is used for backfilling, and the pipe and sand have the same absorption coefficient, no fine-grained soil can penetrate into the pipe, and it is less likely to clog the holes.
  • Resistant to soil pressure
    The structure of the pipe, which uses a highly rigid reinforcing rib made of polypropylene, ensures resistance to crushing or breakage caused by soil pressure.
  • Light body for excellent workability
    One roll of TDZ-100 (20 m) weighs only 10 kg, allowing speedy handling and excellent workability.
  • Matches uneven soil settlement
    The excellent flexibility makes it possible to tailor the piping to the installation site, even when laying it in a curve. The piping will even match the uneven settlement of the installation soil.


  • Culvert drainage of sports facilities: school yards, baseball fields, tennis courts, athletic fields, multipurpose open spaces, etc.
  • Subgrade drainage of roads, tunnels, railroads
  • Drainage for disaster prevention in all kinds of land development: housing areas, golf courses, factory sites, sports facilities, etc.
  • Slope drainage of roads, developed sites
  • Underdrains for drainage systems, drainage behind retaining walls.
  • Culvert drainage of farm land consolidation projects. Drainage of agricultural land developments such as grassland improvements, orchards, and tea plantations.

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