Mission 2030

Toward a new future, What Denka is now aiming for

We are always challenging to change the world and society for the better
by utilizing the unknown possibilities of chemistry.

Denka’s Vision

When formulating “Mission 2030”, Denka created the new vision based on the candid views of its younger employees, who will form the core of the company moving forward, while also adding the thoughts of the executives. Based on Denka’s “Core Value”, which is the Denka’s DNA, and by combining its “Purpose” - Denka’s guiding principle - with its “Mission” - the duties it aims to fulfill by 2030 – Denka has set out a new Vision (view of the future) that will go beyond words and allow all employees to make the Vision directly relevant to them as individuals.

Management Plan “Mission 2030”

Corporate Message




Possibility of Chemistry

Our Vision & “Mission 2030” (Introduction Video)

※This video is made for our employees