Product Information

Toyo Double Drainpipes SP

Product Information


These pipes have a flat, smooth inner-surface construction and are highly flexible. Under certain conditions, this makes them possible to install bended sections without using special-order elbow joints.


  1. Excellent flexibility
    These pipes show excellent flexibility while offering smooth inside walls.
  2. Connectable to Toyo Double Drainpipes
    Toyo Double Drainpipes SP can be connected to Toyo Double Drainpipes as both share the same external dimensions and shape.
  3. Reduced construction time
    Since elbow joints (custom order parts) are not necessary, construction work can begin immediately.
    Note: Elbow joints may be necessary depending on specifications and angles.
  4. Reduced cost
    In addition, less elbows and less connection joints between elbows and main pipes result in cost reductions (please refer to the cost comparison with examples of construction works).
  5. High withstanding pressure
    The pipes are one-piece extrusion with a crest-and-trough structure and are made of polyethylene resin. As a result, they offer a high flattening resistance.
  6. Smooth water flow
    Smooth inner walls offer low resistance, with a roughness coefficient equivalent to that of PVC pipes, resulting in extremely smooth water flow.
  7. Light weight facilitates work
    Because the pipes are relatively lighter than other products such as iron and concrete and have excellent flexibility, transportation and laying down are easy.
  8. Corrosion-resistant material
    Polyethylene material is used to provide resistance to corrosion and attacks by a wide range of chemicals, including acids and alkalis.
  9. Excellent impact resistance
    The use of polyethylene provides superior impact resistance in comparison with other materials (PVC pipes, etc.).


  • Hillside channels in intermediate and mountainous agricultural areas
  • Road construction, land development, and culvert works for disaster prevention
  • Drainage of farm fields

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