Denka Innovation Center


The arena of open innovation for the next 100 years

The center serves as the Denka Group’s core R&D base, conducting innovative research to create value for the future and enhance the techniques and knowledge the Company has cultivated since its founding in 1915. In 2014, the center was established through a reorganization and integration of the former Central Research Institute, the former Denka SEIKEN Co., Ltd.'s research department and the Machida Special Cement Additives R&D Center.

The Group's research resources are focused on the three priority fields: healthcare, the environment and energy, and high-value added infrastructure. R&D in these fields is conducted by the center's Advanced Technologies Research Institute, Life Innovation Research Institute, and Infrastructure & Solutions Development Research Institute.

The center's motto is open innovation. This refers to the Denka Group’s collaborative efforts with other companies and various research organizations on technology and ideas—efforts that go well beyond proprietary Denka technology—to achieve revolutionary research results and develop innovative products. Key to the center's success are the quality and quantity of information and the speed at which it can act. Departing from a product-oriented approach, we look for more market-oriented ideas and greater contacts with potential customers. We do not limit ourselves to relying solely on proprietary technologies, but instead broaden our options to include all possibilities. With regard to input, it is crucial to raise quality, increase volume, and accelerate the speed.

The center is not just a tool to promote open innovation. It is a place for giving back to society by opening to local communities as well as domestic and foreign researchers. Initiatives launched by the center are aimed at providing value to all stakeholders.

The Denka Innovation Center main building


5-1, Asahi-cho 3-chome, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-8560

Advanced Technologies Research Institute

Specialty Ceramics Research Department
Advanced Materials Research Department
Advanced Polymer Research Department
Materials Characterization Department

Life Innovation Research Institute

Diagnostics Research Department
Vaccine & Biomedicine Department

Infrastructure & Solutions
Development Research Institute

Vaccine & Biomedicine Department

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Advanced Technologies Research Institute

The Advanced Technologies Research Institute was established as the successor to the Central Research Institute, which previously handled all the Group’s basic research and medium- to long-term research themes. The institute’s principal research themes are energy and the environment, areas that will be of critical importance in the near future. The institute promotes effective R&D through collaboration with other companies, external research institutions and universities, especially in the area of new raw materials for rechargeable batteries and next-generation energy technologies.

Life Innovation Research Institute

The Life Innovation Research Institute was established through the reorganization and merger of the former Central Research Institute's Life Science Department and former Denka SEIKEN Co., Ltd.'s Next-Generation Reagents and Vaccine Development Department. Aiming to create new technologies and products in the field of preventive medicine, diagnostics and therapy, the Life Innovation Research Institute is working to create new value in the healthcare field through its Diagnostic, and Vaccine & Biomedicine Departments.

Infrastructure & Solutions Development Research Institute

The Infrastructure & Solutions Development Research Institute identifies needs related to infrastructure, develops new technologies and proposes solutions to meet those needs. Along with on both organic and inorganic materials development, the institute focuses on wide-ranging solutions encompassing diverse construction methods and structural diagnostic techniques. Aiming to bring real-world results to fruition in the shortest time possible, the institute pursues well-grounded R&D as efficiently as possible.