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Toyo Drain Ring Pipe

Product Information


This pipe has a smooth, flat inner surface in an independent ring construction. It is mainly used for rainwater drainage on expressways, and agricultural drainpipes. The joints maintain a water-tightness of 0.05 Mpa.


  • Improved, outstanding water-tightness
    A watertight ring socket is adopted to allow strong, outstanding water-tightness functions in comparison with conventional spiral-pipe sockets.
  • Improved detachment prevention performance
    Adhesiveness between pipe and socket has been improved through the use of an independent ring form.
  • High withstanding pressure
    In comparison with straight PE pipe (smooth inner and outer wall pipe), the crests and troughs of the ribbed structure produce a superior cross-sectional shape that increases the flattening resistance.
  • Light weight facilitates work
    Because the pipes are relatively lighter than other products and have excellent flexibility, transportation and laying down are easy.
  • Corrosion-resistant material
    Polyethylene material is used to provide resistance to corrosion and attacks by a wide range of chemicals, including acids and alkalis.
  • Excellent impact resistance
    The use of polyethylene provides superior impact resistance in comparison with other materials (PVC pipes, etc.). Also suitable for installation in snowy and cold areas.


  • Drainage piping for highways
  • Piping of small drainage channels
  • Hillside drainage channels
  • Land development, etc.

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