Denka Report(Integrated Report)

Denka Report(Integrated Report) As of December 25, 2018

The Denka Report 2018 is the first integrated report issued by Denka Company Limited. The issuance of this report is intended to provide our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, with a robust communication tool that focuses on conveying what we have been doing to create new value over the medium to long term from the viewpoint of addressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.
And we have published the CSR Data Book PDF edition, an expanded version encompassing various updates on typical CSR-related topics and Denka's environmental performance. We have also decided to update the status of CSR activities undertaken by individual business sites by creating dedicated pages on our corporate website ( in place of the former Site Reports. This move is aimed at enhancing the quantity and quality of relevant information being communicated to our stakeholders.

Denka Report(Integrated Report)2018

Denka Report(Integrated Report)2018

CSR Data Book As of Decemer 25, 2018