Product Information

Yojo Shokunin

Product Information


This environmentally friendly curing tape can be torn easily by hand.


  • This product is friendly to the environment because it uses an acrylic emulsion adhesive that contains no toluene.
  • This product can be used even in cold regions because of its excellent initial tack.
  • It uses Caralyan Y (special PE film), making it easy to tear cleanly by hand.
  • The base material is flexible and melds well with the adhered material.
  • This product does not intentionally use toxic substances designated by the EU’s RoHS Directive.


  • Curing of spray and brush coatings
  • For flooring in homes, buildings, and other structures
Cautions for Use

After the tape is removed, adhesive residue may be left on the material it is adhered to, or the surface may be damaged, depending on the type of material, the length of adhesion, or the environment. Be sure to check before use.

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Width(㎜) length(m) Packing(rolls) Color JAN Code
25 25 60 Green -
38 36 Green 4904861635745
Transparent 4904861639347
Orange 4904861639354
50 30 Green 4904861635370
Transparent 4904861635752
Orange 4904861635776
75 18 Green -
100 18 Green -

Physical Properties (These properties are typical values. They are not guarantees.)

Item Unit Measured values
Yojo Shokunin
Thickness mm 0.116
Adhesive strength N/cm 2.3

Standard Colors

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