Product Information

Anticorrosive Vinyl Tape

Product Information


This Vinyl tape protects and prevents corrosion of pipelines and cables.


  • Our anticorrosive Vinyl Tape is JIS Z 1901 certified.
  • This Vinyl Tape has excellent electrical insulation functionality, and is less susceptible to degradation of resistibility after installation.
  • It provides good protection against natural corrosion of underground metal pipes, as well as electrolytic corrosion from leakage current.
  • It is easy to work with, and can be wound easily around the curved parts of joints and other areas.


  • Protecting and preventing corrosion in water, sewage, gas, and other pipelines
  • Protecting and preventing corrosion in electrical and communication cables
  • Protection of factory pipes and ducts subject to humid or corrosive environments

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Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Packing (rolls) Color
0.4 25 10 100 Standard colors as below
50 50
75 30
100 20

Physical Properties (These properties are typical values. They are not guarantees.)

Item Adhesive strength (N/10mm) Tensile strength Elongation
Test plate Backside N/10mm %
At room temperature After immersion in hot water At room temperature After immersion in hot water
JIS ratings 1.00 0.95 0.80 0.95 39.0 130
Measured values 2.10 2.81 1.60 2.45 60.5 230
Item Insulation resistance PH Heat resistance Heat resistance
JIS ratings 100 and over ±1.0 No discoloration or discharge of the film or adhesive shall occur at 50℃. -No transfer of adhesive, tearing of the film, or cracking of the film shall occur at -5℃.
Measured values 1000 and over Within ±1.0 Acceptable Acceptable

Standard Colors


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