Product Information

VINI-TORA Tape (Vinyl Tape)

Product Information


#This #101 VINI-TAPE is printed with black and yellow stripes for marking dangerous areas.


  • This adhesive tape enables you to easily create danger displays.
  • The strong adhesive sticks firmly.
  • This product does not intentionally use toxic substances designated by the EU’s RoHS Directive.


・Danger displays at the construction work sites, various facilities, etc.

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Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(m) Packing (rolls) Color
0.2 45 10 100 Yellow, Black
90 10 50 Horizontal
45 10 100 Yellow, Black
90 10 50 Slant

Standard Color


Physical Properties (These properties are typical values. They are not guarantees.)

Peel adhesion Tensile strength Elongation Volume resistivity Withstand voltage
N/10mm N/10mm % MΩ・cm 5000V×1 minute
Test plate Backside
1.10 1.90 28.2 180 4.3x108 Good

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