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Non-Halogen Binding Tape

Product Information



This is a polyethylene-based fastening tape. It is particularly well suited to fastening polyethylene film, and is highly recyclable.


This is a new type of binding and protective tape that uses no PVC materials. It is suited to binding applications, because it leaves very little adhesive residue on the material it is adhered to.


  • The use of an acrylic adhesive makes it adhere more strongly to polyethylene products.
  • It is easier to work with because it can be torn by hand easily.
  • This product is designed to prevent adhesive residue, so it has less impact on the materials it is adhered to.
  • It is easier to work with because it can be torn by hand easily.

・This product does not intentionally use toxic substances designated by the EU’s RoHS Directive. (S-25/S-26/S-26TS)


  • Binding of manuals for electrical products, office equipment, and other binding uses
  • Binding and protection of such construction materials as stainless-steel plates, aluminum sashes, and plastic sashes
  • Surface protection
Cautions for Use

After the tape is removed, adhesive residue may be left on the material it is adhered to, or the surface may be damaged, depending on the type of material, the length of adhesion, or the environment. Be sure to check before use.

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Product number Width(mm) Length(m) Packing(rolls) Paper pipe diameter(inch)
NKT‐S‐25 10 30 200 1.3
13 250
19 200
Standard Colors Transparent
NKT‐S‐26 13 50 132
15 120
19 96
Standard Colors White
NKT‐S-26TS 15 50 120 3
19 96
50 36
Standard Colors White

Physical Properties (These properties are typical values. They are not guarantees.)

Item Measured values
Thickness mm 0.1
Adhesive strength N/cm 1.5
Back adhesive strength mm/60minute 0.8

Standard Colors

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