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Calcium Cyanamide

Product Information


Calcium cyanamide is a nitrogen-based fertilizer manufactured by making carbides (derived from limestone) absorb and compound nitrogen at high temperatures. Also, in order to ensure their safe use, we carry out over 30 types of tests, and have it inspected in strict accordance with the Agricultural Chemical Control Law, having it registered as an agricultural chemical as well (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Nos. 5884, 12863, and 17051). Its main constituent, calcium cyanamide, has no residual properties after it has demonstrated its effectiveness as an agricultural chemical (insecticidal, fungicidal, and sterilization), decomposing into its components in the soil, ensuring that it can be used safely.


  1. Less run off from soil.
  2. With slow release, the number and quantity of fertilizer applications can be reduced.
  3. Can be used to remedy soil acidity.
  4. The organic biodegradation process is promoted enabling soil to be loosened.


  • As a fertilizer – an increase in the yield/quality of individual crops can be targeted.
  • As an agricultural chemical - it is effective against a wide range of harmful insects (and weeds) as indicated on the bag.
  • Promote biodegradation - it should be added to rice/wheat straw when these are put under the soil.
  • Soil improvement – can remedy soil acidity.

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