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Magnesium Humate

Product Information


AZUMIN is manufactured by oxidizing and decomposing lignite with nitric acid, thus recovering humic acid, and neutralizing it with manganese. It contains 50% or more humic acid, which corresponds to a concentration 30 times that of compost. Under the Fertilizer Control Law, it is registered as a humic acid manganese fertilizer, complying with humic acid-based material stipulations in the Soil Fertility Promotion Law. Humic acid is a substance that plays a major role in terms of soil fertility, and is a general term for black substances within the soil, generated in the soil by the decomposition of deceased organic matter.


  1. To let soil/lime diffuse and infiltrate to reach lower layers.
  2. To prevent the fixing of phosphoric acid, increasing its absorption efficiency.
  3. To increase the degree of fertilizer retention in the soil, preventing the runoff of other fertilizer components.
  4. To increase the active power of the roots, promoting the development their intricate subterranean networks.
  5. To mitigate pH changes in soil. The above effects are even more notable in unfavorable environments.


As a basic fertilizer, the following reference amount should be applied. Note that the amount may be increased or decreased depending on regional and soil conditions. [paddy rice] 30 – 40 kg/10 a, [field crops] 40 – 80 kg/10 a, [orchard trees/tea shrubs] 40 – 80 kg/10 a (also effective for applying to holes dug for planting) [raising seedlings] around 1% to be mixed with compost

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