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Fused Magnesium Phoshate

Product Information


"YORIN" is a fertilizer suited for organic agricultural production. Fine-grained sandy and granular versions, as well as BM YORIN containing boron/manganese, are available. This is a soil enriching/improving fertilizer that contains many constituent elements, and improving the soil's retention of the fertilizer, whereby nutrient-poor soil is soon transformed into healthy soil.


  1. Phosphoric acid, magnesia, silicic acid, lime, and minor elements are absorbed efficiently.
  2. Phosphoric acid is soluble in the organic acid secreted from roots, and is absorbed by crops without runoff, thus being environmentally friendly.
  3. Soil acidity can be remedied.


For soil improvement, the following reference amount should be applied. Note that the amount may be increased or decreased depending on regional and soil conditions.
[rice paddies] 40 - 80 kg/10 a, [fields] 100 - 140 kg/10 a, [orchards] 80 - 120 kg/10 a, and 200 - 300 kg/10 a for volcanic ash soil, farmland for foundation improvement, and developed grassland

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