Product Information


Product Information


A heat-resistant ABS resin based on "DENKA IP" - a Styrene-N-Phenylmaleimide copolymer. It has been designed as an easy-to-use resin by improving conventional heat-resistant ABS resins which had defects in terms of moldability, thermal stability, and impact resistance.


  1. It has an excellent balance of physical properties, including heat and impact resistance, as well as fluidity (moldability).
  2. It has excellent thermal stability at the time of molding, with little or no silvering or burning occurring, thus making it possible to select a wide spectrum of molding parameters.
  3. A wide range of grades is available from partially to ultra thermally resistant at nominal temperatures around 150 degrees.
  4. Our proprietary compound manufacturing technique has enabled us to realize excellent cost performance.


Mobile phones, vehicle-mounted audio equipment, automotive interior components, home electric appliances, OA equipment, etc.

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