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Wire Harness Vinyl Tape

Product Information


In 1964, we harnessed our experience with VINI-TAPE to launch a variant for automotive wiring. This product has a long history of reliability. We can support a variety of specifications according to our customers’ needs. We also offer environmentally friendly alternatives: we can provide products with lead-free adhesive stabilizers, and replace adhesives in some of our products with low-VOC alternatives as needed.


  • This product was designed for ease of use. The backing is made using polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has superb flexibility.
  • It is easy to tear by hand, and winds well. It also adheres firmly.
  • Our proprietary manufacturing technology minimizes tape deformation over time.
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors, making it excellent for use in identification.
  • The toluene content was greatly reduced through the use of environmentally friendly low-VOC adhesive.
  • This product does not intentionally use toxic substances designated by the EU’s RoHS Directive.


Binding of wire harnesses for automobiles, telecom equipment, etc.

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Standard Colors


Product Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(m) Packing (rolls) Color
#234W Harness Tape 0.13 15 20 240 Standard colors as above
(except Transparent)
19 200 Standard colors as above
#232W Harness Tape 0.1 19 25 200 Black
25 160
#246 Frame-Resistant Harness Tape 0.11 19 25 200 Black
25 160
#234WS Slit Harness Tape 0.13 10 20 400 Black, Gray, Blue, White, Green

※Please Contact us for any other specifications.

Physical Properties (These properties are typical values. They are not guarantees.)

Product Adhesive strength Tensile strength Elongation Volume
Withstand voltage
Superposition Peeling N/10mm % MΩ・cm 1 minute
N/10mm N/10mm
#234W 19.4 1.42 19.6 170 6.0x108 5000V
#232W 16.4 1.42 16.5 170 6.0x108 1500V
#246 17.0 1.42 16.6 170 6.5x108 1500V
#234WS - 1.49 19.6 170 6.0x108 5000V

※Measurements for #234WS Slit Harness Tape are before slit treatment.

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