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Product Information


DENKA ALCEN is a polycrystalline alumina short fiber. Consisting mainly of alumina and silica, alumina fibers are used as fire-resistant and thermal-insulation materials for high-temperature environments. Its areas of application encompass a range of fields, including as a thermal insulation material used in steel, metal and ceramics manufacturing and as material for automobile parts.


  1. Capable of withstanding maximum temperatures of 1500°C to 1700°C* (2,732F~3,092F)
  2. Superior chemical characteristics due to high alumina content (72% to 97%)
  3. Extremely low non-fiber particle contaminant (“shots”) content

* Temperature limits vary by product type. A product’s heat-resistance may not be fully demonstrated in certain usage conditions.


  • Lining, sealing and packing materials for heating, calcining and other industrial furnaces used in steel and ceramics manufacturing processes
  • Raw material for fire-resistant and thermal insulation boards as well as vacuum-formed products with superior heat resistance and strength
  • Raw material for lightweight castables*
    * A fire-resistant material made using a mix of fire-resistant aggregate and water-hardening cement. This material enables the construction of one-piece fire-resistant walls whose heat-resistant performance is as good as that displayed by a wall made of fire bricks or thermal-insulation bricks.
  • Ingredient for preformed products* for creating fiber reinforced metal (FRM) and metal matrix composite (MMC) products * Interim products intended to be mixed later with metals or other materials
  • Raw material of support mat for holding the combustion catalysts used in automobile exhaust gas purification systems

Related Information


A support mat for holding catalyst careers

We provide DENKA ALCEN for the manufacture of the support mat that holds in place the ceramic catalyst carriers and filters used in automobile exhaust gas purification systems. Boasting superior heat resistance, this product retains the level of cushioning needed to protect the aforementioned components from damage caused by the high heat and vibration conditions of such a system, which can run as hot as around 1,300℃ (2,372F). We are thus confident that DENKA ALCEN contributes to the preservation of the global environment.

Fire-resistant and thermal-insulation materials used in industrial furnaces

DENKA ALCEN is used in fire-resistant and thermal-insulation materials for industrial furnaces that operate at maximum temperatures of around 1,600℃ (2,912F). Its applications include lining, sealing and packing materials for heating, calcining and other types of furnaces used in steel and ceramics manufacturing processes. This product’s specific gravity is smaller than such conventional products as fire bricks, and it boasts low heat conductivity. Accordingly, DENKA ALCEN enables more lightweight even as it improves their energy efficiency.


Typical data

Item Unit Measurement example
Chemical organization (B80) (B97)
Al2O3 80.3 96.5
SiO2 19.5 3.3
Fiber diameter μm 3~5
Shot amount 0.5~1.5
Density 3.2~3.6
Melting point >2,000
Specific heat J/kgK 1.13~1.20×103

We have a wide variety of products that meet the needs of chemical properties,heat resistance and fiber strength.

Classification Grade Chemical composition
Al2O3 / SiO2(%)
Crystallization rate
B80 B80L 80/20 Low
B80 80/20 High
B97 B97N1 97/3 Low
B97N3 97/3 Low
B97N4 97/3 High
B97N5 97/3
Standard package 10kg/box


DENKA ALCEN BLANKET is a mat needled on both sides:and it is a suitable material for high temperature modules for steel production, ceramic industry, and petro-chemical facilities. It shows remarkably high reliability and durability when it is used at environmental temperature over 1,400℃ where ceramic fiber products do not stand.
Note: no binder is used in manufacturing BLANKET.


Grade Chemical composition
Al2O3 / SiO2(%)
Bulk density
Thickness Width Length
NBK80-10 80/20 0.10 25 620 7200
NBK80-13 80/20 0.13 25 620 7200
NBK95-10 95/5 0.10 25 620 7200

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