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Product Information


"TX Polymer" (methyl methacrylate styrene), MS resins as an alternative to acrylic resins, with low density, low moisture absorption, and good moldability, "TH Polymer/TP Polymer," MBS resins with a good balance of transparency, strength and fluidity (methyl methacrylate butadien styrene), "TE Series/CL Series," transparent ABS resins with excellent color attributes and tensile strength are available (among others).


"TX" is a resin having lower moisture absorption/density than acrylic resins, with excellent moldability/thermal stability as well. "TP/TH" are resins with both a high transparency and impact resistance that comes close to that of ABS (especially excellent in cold strength) and molding stability as well. "TE/CL" are transparent ABS resins that are superior to polycarbonates in terms of moldability and flexibility, and besides are characterized by low density, classified into 2 types: CL polymers with good color attributes, and TE polymers with high transparency.


  • "TX" is used for flat display substrates, optical components, and miscellaneous goods.
  • "TP/TH" are used for food package sheeting as well as in manufacturing, electronic equipment and components, as well as miscellaneous goods.
  • "TE/CL" are for electronic equipment and components, information equipment components, AV equipment, etc.

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