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Product Information


Since SBC resin "CLEAREN" (styrene-butadiene block copolymer) has excellent transparency, impact resistance, and hinge performance, and can also be compounded with GPPS without impairing transparency, it is widely used as a reinforcing agent as well.


  • Its peculiar molecular structure affords superb transparency, hinge performance, and texture, as well as excellent thermal stability enabling reduced blistering.
  • It also has excellent moldability, and is a high performance transparent resin that is well-suited to various molding methods including injection and extrusion molding (for forming films and sheets), blow molding, inflation molding, profile extrusion, etc.


Its wide variety of uses include: shrink films, food packaging material sheets, electronic component packaging materials, packaging material sheets for manufacturing, blister packs, ampoules, cosmetic caps, toys, miscellaneous articles, etc.

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