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Product Information


POVAL (chemical name: polyvinyl alcohol) is a white, crystalline or powdery, water-soluble synthetic resin. It was first used in manufacturing half a century ago, and remains in widespread use both in Japan and abroad as a functional material with many features. Especially in recent years, its use as an environmentally compatible material is attracting public attention.


  • Solubility: Water-soluble.
  • Oil resistance: Virtually insoluble in organic solvents other than water.
  • Adhesiveness: Transparent in aqueous solution, firmly adheres to cellulose-based substances like paper, wood, etc.
  • Emulsification performance: Surface active capacity reduces the surface tension of water.
  • Film expanding performance: Substantial film-forming capacity, in which state it offers excellent mechanical performance e.g. tensile strength, tear resistance, etc.


  • Fiber-binding agent: Warp binding agent for spun board, warp binding agent for filaments, finishing paste
  • Paper processing: Surface sizing, pigment coating, internally added binder
  • Emulsifying and diffusive agent: Vinyl acetate emulsion stabilizing agent, PVC suspension polymerizing agent
  • Adhesive: Cushion paper, bag making, cardboard tubing, paperboard, paper band, moist paste, urea resin for plywood
  • Binding agent: Ferrite, ceramics, agricultural chemical, nursery soil, soil improvement
  • Film/molding: Films, sponges

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