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Product Information


Chloroprene Rubber has many superior characteristics compared to natural and other synthetic rubbers, and is used in a variety of applications. Our company meets such needs by providing a wide range of grades such as special modified types, and latex suitable for gloves and water-based adhesives.


It is well balanced in physical properties, along with resistance to external environmental factors such as heat, ozone, oil, and flame.


It is used in a wide range of applications, including automotive parts, belts, hoses, electric wires and cables, coated fabrics, wet suits, adhesives, and rubber gloves.

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Comparison Between Chloroprene Rubber and Other Rubbers

Chloroprene Rubber has a good balance of excellent properties compared to natural rubber and other synthetic rubbers.

Mechanical Strength etc. Low Temperature Brittleness Deterioration Resistance Processability Adhesion
Tensile Strength Elongation Tear Strength Permanent Set Heat Resistance Ozone Resistance Oil Resistance Flame Resistance
E F 120°C F F F E E
NR E E E E E 100°C P P P E E
SBR F F G F E 100°C P P P E E
EPT F F G G E 150°C E P P E P
CSM F G F G F 140°C E F F F F
ECO G G F G G 140°C E F F P E
ACM P G G P G 160°C E F P G F

*E: Excellent > F: Fair > G: Good > P: Poor

Applications of "DENKA CHLOROPRENE"

(1) Wire and Cable

It is used as the sheaths for wires and cables.

(2) Automotive Rubber Parts

Air suspensions, constant velocity joint boots, rack and pinion boots, power steering hoses, brake hoses, belts for various drives, packing, joints, dust-proof caps, anti-vibration materials are used in the requirements of automobiles.

(3) Belts and Hoses

It has a wide range of applications including conveyor belts, transmission belts, and other flat and V-belts used in mining and other fields. It is also used for various hose covers and tubes.

(4) Rubber Linings, Sponges and Wet Suits

It is used as rubber linings such as container bags, coated cloth for seats and tent curtains, leisure boats, lifeboats, and flame-retardant firefighter protective clothing. It is also used as a foam rubber or sponge with a large foam magnification for wet suits used in marine sports, as well as cushion rubbers and other items that protect human lives from the danger of flames on vehicles such as aircraft and ships.

(5) General Purposes

It is used in rubber rolls of offset printing presses which print with water and oil, rolls for steelmaking that are exposed to oil or high heat, pads and packings for various machines, and gaskets and dust-proof caps. In recent years, in addition to conventional automotive parts and general industrial rubber products, it is also expected to expand applications in civil engineering and construction fields, such as water-stop rubber and bridge rubber bearings, as well as in marine-related rubber parts.

(6) Adhesives

Among a wide variety of rubber-based adhesives, "DENKA CHLOROPRENE" based adhesives have a solid position in various fields of the easy workability and rapid bonding strength. Recently, "DENKA CHLOROPRENE LATEX" has also been well received by many clients for solvent-free adhesives.

Typical Grades of "DENKA CHLOROPRENE"

We have started the sales of "DENKA CHLOROPRENE" from four grades in October, 1962. Since then, new types have been successively added to meet the requirements of customers. The following is a list of our main grades.

Field Grade Crystallizaion Rate Mooney Viscosity
ML 1+4 (100°C)
Application, Features
Industrial M-40 Medium 43~53 Mercaptan Modified General purpose, cables, belts, hoses, other industrial applications
M-120 Medium 110~130 Sheets, packings, hoses, other industrial applications (for high loading)
EM-40 Medium 43~53 Calendared sheets, extruded products, sponge products with complex shapes
S-40V Very Slow 43~53 General industrial purpose, automotive parts / Products requiring low tempearture resistance
DCR-30 Very Slow 110~130 General industrial purpose, automotive parts / Products requiring low tempearture resistance (for high loading)
DCR-35 Extremely Slow 58~72 General industrial purpose, automotive parts / Products requiring extremely low tempearture resistance
DCR-36 Very Slow 70~90 General industrial purpose, automotive parts / Products requiring low temperature resistance, suitable for injection
DCR-37 Very Slow 58~72 General industrial purpose, automotive parts / Products requiring low tempearture resistance, dumping properties
DCR-40A Slow 35~50 Sulfur Modified Belts, air springs, wet suits / Improved heat resistance and storage stability
DCR-107 Slow 34~52 Belts, air springs / Low exothermic polymer
PM-40NS Medium 40~60 Belts, wet suits, cable sheaths, anti-vibration insulators etc.
DCR-42A Medium 40~55 Xanthogen Modified Cables, hoses / High strength and loading
DCR-66 Very Slow 60~80 Automotive parts / High strength and loading with excellent low temperature resistance, anti-vibration properties
Field Grade Crystallizaion Rate Mooney Viscosity
MS 2+2.5 (100°C)
Application, Features
Adhesive A-30 Fast 17~23 Spray adhesives
A-90 Fast 44~52 General adhesive applications
A-400 Fast 500~1500*1 Low solid content
M-130H Medium 1510~2700*2 Long tack retention time
DCR-11 Medium 80~*3 Sealants / High thixotropy
DCR-25 Medium 2710~5000*2 Low solid content, long tack retention time, high initial bonding strength

*Solution Viscosity (mPa・s) : 1「5% Toluene at 20°C」, 2「10% Toluene at 20°C」, 3 ML 1+4

Field Grade Crystallizaion Rate Solid Content
Application, Features
Latex FB-80 Fast 54~56 10~100 PU foam adhesives
ALX-600 Fast 59~61 50~600 Adhesives for shoes, leather
LC-21 Medium 49~51 50~800 Adhesives for wood, construction / High heat resistance
LM-61 Medium 59~61 60~200 Adhesives, examination and industrial gloves, coated products etc.
LV-60A Very Slow 59~61 50~300 Adhesives, surgical gloves, coated products etc.

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