Product Information

Flexible Thermoelectric Generator(Under Development)

Product Information


  • Developping Flexible Thermoelectric Generator composed from organic materials.
  • p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor are arraied in the in-plane direction (parallel to the heat source contact surface).
  • A suitable heat insulating material and a good heat conducting material (radiating material) are used to ensure a temperature difference.
  • By arranging them, we made it possible to reduce the thickness of the thermoelectric conversion elements and create a flexible module.


  • Unique structural design enables thin and flexibile modules.
  • By adopting various coating methods and printing methods, large areas, continuous sheets, and high integration are possible.
  • It activates environmental sensors and other equipment in factories and plants, utilizes them for abnormality/failure diagnosis, and enables the operation of IoT devices without a power supply/battery.


  • Use of power supply/auxiliary power supply for equipment maintenance system and infrastructure anomaly detection system.

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