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Plastic Core Tape

Product Information


This is plastic core tape for clean rooms.


  • This product uses a polyethylene plastic core instead of cardboard tubes. This eliminates concern over paper dust in clean rooms and their surrounding areas.
  • A wide variety of base materials is available. There are grades that can be torn easily by hand, enabling use in work environments where blades are prohibited.
  • It uses an environmentally friendly adhesive material. (The resolvent will not pollute the environment)


Packing, temporary fixing, and cellophane tape in clean rooms and other environments where dust and debris are not permitted.

Related Information


Product number Product name Specifications Color Number of rolls dhesive strength (N/cm) Features
#424 PP-40M 50×50 Transparent 50 4.98 ・Normal grade(64μ)
#484 CUT-E Super 40 50×50 Transparent 50 7.50 ・OPP that can be torn by hand(67μ)
#600 New Cloth Tape 50×50 Transparent 30 4.83 PE cloth(168μ)
#650 Yojo Shokunin 50×25 Green 30 2.30 ・Curing
(acrylic adhesive)
There are custom made products as follows below.
Product number Product name Specifications Color Number of rolls Adhesive strength (N/cm) Features
#474 Static-Cut 40 50×50 Transparent 50 5.50 To control electrostatic and reduce attaching of dust. (70μ)
25×50 100
Feel free to ask us about other specifications.
The adhesive strengths are typical values. They are not guarantees.

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