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Product Information


DENKA ALSINK is an aluminum-based composite (MMC) consisting of Al-SiC and ceramics, and an excellent material characterized by low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, high strength, and lightweight. These days, it is drawing attention as a substitute for ceramics and metals like Al and Cu/Mo alloys.


Al-Al-SiC has a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of alumina (Al2O3) and thermal conductivity as high as that of aluminum nitride (AIN), making it the most suitable for heat dissipation applications. Its physical properties can be adjusted by selecting the type and content of ceramics. It can also be used for effective, high-rigidity, lightweight structural members.


  • Base boards for power modules such as IGBT and diodes that require high reliability (heat sinks)
  • Heat-dissipating lids for semiconductor packages such as CPUs (heat spreaders)
  • Components for microwave devices such as optical and communication devices
  • Components for semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing equipment


DENKA ALSINK achieved excellent ease of fabrication and plating by coating the surface of MMC with a 10 to 150 μm Al-alloy layer.

Product specifications and basic properties

Comparison of physical properties.

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