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Silicon Nitride Powder

Product Information


Silicon nitride is a non-oxide ceramic having excellent thermal/mechanical characteristics. It is mainly used as a construction material in many areas. The products in our lineup have different average particle size.


Moldings using silicon nitride powder are lightweight, shaving excellent high-temperature strength/toughness against breakage, and quite sensational characteristics such as resistance to wear, corrosion and thermal shock, etc. and such features are receiving wide attention. This is a material with potential applications in components for automotive engines, electronics, and industrial machinery; as well as in various types of composite materials.


  • Thermal engine components: Automotive engine components, gas turbine components, etc.
  • Mechanical components: Cutting tools, bearings, etc.
  • Corrosion resistant components: Molten alumina-related components, etc.
  • General industrial components: Wear resistant components, high temperature insulation components, heat resistant containers such as setters, heat resistant jigs, etc.

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