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Product Information


SiAlON phosphors: ALONBRIGHT are durable nitride phosphors showing small decrease of brightness under high temperature.
Our products consist of α and β SiAlON phosphors. α-type SiAlON emits orange or yellow colored light, on the other hand β-type SiAlON emits green colored light by blue LED exciting light.
Any color of light will be obtained by blending some phosphors and applied to a variety of uses; LCD backlight, generic illumination etc.


SiAlON phosphor: ALONBRIGHT exceeds conventional silicate phosphors in the luminous intensity degradation beyond 100oC, and it prevents brightness decrease and chromaticity change of LED lighting device.
LED lighting system with high weathering proof is available because ALONBRIGHT keeps its luminous intensity for a long time under high temperature and high humidity.
SiAlON phosphor: ALONBRIGHT presents sharp fluorescence light since its spectrum has relatively narrow bandwidth compared with other phosphors. Vivid tincture is represented by employing the phosphor for the backlight of LCD display.
The exciting light spectrum, on the other hand, is enough wide and excitation with blue, violet, or UV colored LED is available. ALONBRITHT represents higher quantum efficiency with UV exciting light, and it's of great use as a lighting device material with UV excitation.


  • LED module for LCD backlighting: LCD TV, PC Monitor, Note PC monitor, mobile terminal, game console, LCD monitors for automobile use etc.
  • LED illuminating device: general illumination, outdoor illumination, indicating equipment etc.


Excitation and emission spectra of SiAlON phosphor: ALONBRIGHT

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