Product Information


Product Information


OP series

An enethiol resin-based UV hardening type adhesive for optical use, developed through our proprietary technologies. Offers excellent optical performance, and is used for pasting and adhesion of optical paths for lenses and prisms in optical equipment.

UV series

A UV hardening type adhesive using acrylic resin. Quick hardening by UV irradiation is obtained, thereby contributing to labor saving such as reduced production lines, etc. For hardening portions where UV light is not applicable, double hardening function type such as UV heating, 2-liquid UV, etc. are also available.


OP series
  • Hardened substances have flexibility, ensuring minimal distortion of the adhered object.
  • No hindrance to hardening, as caused by oxygen.
  • Similar optical characteristics to glass
UV series
  • UV quick-hardening, 1-liquid type, solvent-free, high thermal resistance, and high durability


Adhesion of optical paths for lenses/prisms made of optical glass, adhesion of fixed industrial art glass, and high-precision fixation of precision components

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