Product Information

ELEGRIP TAPE (Back Grinding Tape)

Product Information


Back grinding tape is used to protect the circuit surface r from damage by foreign matter, chipping, cracking and contamination during back grinding process. With developments of jumbo-sized and thinned wafer and high-bumped wafer, the function required to the BG tape are (1) low contamination levels, (2) highly close contact to wafer-, and (3) easiness of peeling. Elegrip BG tape meets these requirements. In addition, it is water insoluble, making it effectively use around water and making washing unnecessary.


  • Excellent adhesion to an uneven wafer surfaces, such as on the circuit side
  • Effective control of particles
  • Excellent grinding accuracy (TTV) and good water-seepage control during back grinding
  • Easy peeling
  • Effective control on adhesive deterioration with time

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