News 2019/03/27

Notice Regarding Our Complete Website Overhaul

We have just finished a complete overhaul of our entire website.


Facilitating the smooth communication of information pertaining to Denka’s various businesses in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way, we have adopted a new unified design based on the Denka corporate identity introduced in 2015.


We have included video content on the website and have made it easier to navigate using such mobile devices as smart phones and tablets.

We have also uploaded a plethora of content to aid visitors’ understanding of the Denka brand.


Going forward, we will continue working to enhance the content provided and thereby ensure maximum utility for all visitors.


CSR & Communications Dept.

Denka Company Limited



*The home page features an embedded video. The speed of your connection may adversely affect playback quality.

**If the video does not play automatically, try reloading the page.

***If the page layout does not display correctly, try clearing your cache and then reloading the page.