电化株式会社作为一家化学品生产企业,从土木建筑到电气电子、食品包装和医用检验药,经营的事业范围十分广泛。而在2016年,电化以对世界的持续发展做出贡献为目标,明确界定了企业集团的使命所在,除了制定“The Denka Value(企业理念)”之外,还提出“Denka的使命”在于“挑战化学的无限可能性,创造新价值,成为对社会发展做出贡献的企业”。

2018年将是电化进入新一期经营计划“Denka Value-Up”的开局之年,我们将成长愿景定位在“Specialty Fusion Company(集专业领域于一体)”和“Sustained Growth(可持续发展)”以及“Sound Growth(健全的成长)”上。新的成长战略将经营资源集中于医疗保健、环境能源以及基础设施这三个领域,在我们推动专业性事业成长的同时,将努力实现并推进生产、研究、业务三大领域的进程改革,旨在达成经营业绩的数值目标。

代表取缔役社长 今井 俊夫

Shareholder Returns and Investment Plan
(Management Plan「Denka Value-Up」 / fiscal 2018~2022)

Following the completion of the Denka100 management plan, the final year of which is fiscal 2017, Denka will implement “Denka Value-Up,” a new management plan that will reinforce its operating base over a five-year course beginning in fiscal 2018 with the aim of enhancing corporate value and ensuring sustainable growth.
In line with our policy on shareholder returns as described below, we seek to steadily return profits yielded by initiatives executed under our management plan to shareholders while allocating a portion of such profits to such strategic investments as M&A for further growth. We will thereby strive to ensure our financial soundness in addition to maximizing shareholder returns and the resources available for forward-looking strategic investments.

Shareholder Returns

We aim to achieve a total shareholder return ratio of 50%.
(Total shareholder return ratio = (cash dividends + shares repurchased) / net income attributable to owners of the parent for the fiscal year)
In addition, we focus on maintaining the stable payment of cash dividends while flexibly carrying out share repurchases by giving due consideration to such factors as a trend in stock prices.

Investment Plan

We will invest a total of ¥200 billion over a five-year period.
Of this, strategic investment: ¥75 billion (¥15 billion/year)
M&A, etc.: ¥60 billion
Process reforms: ¥15 billion
Regular investment: ¥125 billion (¥25 billion/year)