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Other Research Departments

Organic Materials Research Dept. (Omi Plant)

This department is in charge of materials research, production technologies and product development related to chloroprene rubber, acrylic synthetic rubber and polyvinyl alcohol as well as basic research and numerical analyses on organic fine materials. Moreover, the department is actively helping advance plant maintenance technologies while creating environment-friendly products.

  • Research fields: Development of polymer materials

Cement & Special Cement Additives Research Dept. (Omi Plant)

With the aim of creating innovative inorganic materials with greater functionalities, this department is involved in collaborative R&D with universities and other external research organizations. To this end, it is leveraging its expertise in fine particle synthesis that applies high-temperature reactions and nitridization as well as structural analysis and property evaluation. At the same time, the department is making use of the Group’s wealth of technologies in the areas of cement and special cement additives to develop new products, with the goal of overcoming every weak point of cement and concrete. These technological strengths are also utilized to enhance plant maintenance techniques and to create environment-friendly products.

  • Research fields: Cement, special cement additives and other inorganic materials in general

Ceramic Research Dept. (Omuta Plant)

Boasting the longest history among Denka's inorganic research bases, this department has created a number of unique products through the application of its distinct technological strengths in electrical furnace operation, high-temperature control and nitridization. Among these products are fused silica and ceramic substrates developed using cutting-edge technologies, and they constitute a key product group that is helping drive growth in the market for electronic materials.

  • Research fields: Ceramics materials in general

Polymer Processing Research Dept. (Chiba Plant)

Leveraging Denka’s material development technologies in the field of polymer—a particular area of strength—this department works to create products that foster social development, promote environmental preservation and enhance consumers'daily lives. Specifically, the department focuses on the design of functional polymer materials while pursuing the R&D of technologies for precise polymerization as well as methods for evaluating the properties of materials, including those with superstructures. By doing so, the department aims to enhance the functionalities of existing resin materials and to create novel polymer materials.

  • Research fields: Development of polymer materials

Electronic Materials Research Dept. (Shibukawa Plant)

Targeting a range of research fields related to electronic materials, this department is leveraging sophisticated material design and other key technologies that are bulwarks of Denka’s operations. R&D projects include those aimed at the proposal of total thermal solutions using the hybrid of organic and inorganic thermal dispersion materials, development of highly precise adhesion technologies through the use of nano-technology and functional adhesives, and creation of new emitters applying fine ceramics technologies.

  • Research fields:Electronic materials and components in general

Polymer Processing Research Dept. (Isesaki Plant)

In addition to bolstering Denka’s technological strengths in plastic material development, this department is helping advance material design technologies using organic, inorganic and polymer materials as well as their compounds. Simultaneously, the department is pursuing more sophisticated processing technologies for film and sheet formation as well as for lamination, precision coating and conductivity control. Its R&D efforts have led to the creation of new products well tailored to the latest needs of markets for semiconductors, electronic materials, industrial materials and food packaging materials.

  • Research fields: Electronic materials, industrial materials, electronic packaging and food packaging in general

Production Technology Depts. (Omi and Chiba plants)

In charge of process design and development, these departments are focused on optimizing R&D processes in their entirety, from the initiation of a research project to the commercialization of products.

  • Process development and optimization