「Possibility of Chemistry.」Denka Co.,Ltd.

To Our Shareholders

Expanding the Possibility of chemistry to Contribute to Sound Social Development

As a chemical company, Denka is engaged in operations ranging from the provision of civil engineering and construction solutions to the manufacture of electric and electronic component materials and food packaging to the development of diagnostic reagents and other medical products. In 2015, we celebrated the centennial of our founding and changed our company name from DENKI KAGAKU KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA to Denka Company Limited. In 2016, we established The Denka Value as our new corporate philosophy and “Taking on the challenge of expanding the possibilities of chemistry to create new value and contribute to sound social development” as the Denka Mission. This move was intended to clarify our foremost mission as a corporate group, namely, to contribute to the sustainable development of society in countries around the world.

“Denka Value-Up,” a new management plan slated to commence in fiscal 2018, identifies a threefold growth vision aimed at creating a “Specialty-Fusion Company,” securing “Sustained Growth” and achieving “Sound Growth.” To that end, our growth strategies are designed to focus our management resources on three fields, namely healthcare, the environment and energy, and infrastructure, with the aim of expanding our portfolio of specialty businesses. Moreover, to further these efforts, we will promote process reforms in production, R&D and all other operations, ensuring we achieve our numerical targets.

Denka is committed to sincerely addressing issues society is now confronting. Under the corporate slogan “Possibility of Chemistry,” we will tirelessly strive to contribute to social development through our business operations.