Denka's Elastomers & Performance Plastics strengthens the development of proprietary technology in chloroprene rubber, functional resin, acetyl chemicals businesses.

Special Conductive Materials Dept. is transferred to Electronics & Innovative Products Div. from Elastomers & Performance Plastics on 1st Apr 2018.

Business in chloroprene rubber, synthetic styrene resin and acetyl chemical products that meet a wide range of demand


Our department handles chloroprene rubber, chloroprene rubber latex, ER rubber, caustic soda.

Special Conductive Materials

Our department performs business of the acetylene black having high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, a high-purity good point in carbon black in particular.

Performance Plastics

Maleimide-based heat-resistant resin, and even covers the transparent resin has a styrene resin and ABS.

Styrene & Acetyl Chemicals

This department handles styrene monomer and acetyl chemicals goods mainly on PVA.