「Possibility of Chemistry.」Denka Co.,Ltd.

Review of Business Operations

Denka Company Limited (Denka) was established in 1915 for the production of calcium carbide and chemical fertilizers by utilizing abundant limestone resources and its in-house electric power plants. Since then, we have grown to become a unique chemicals manufacturer involved in the production and distribution of a wide range of chemical products from inorganic and organic materials to electronic materials and processed resin products. These materials are based on our proprietary technologies of electric furnace controls, high-temperature reaction controls, organic synthesis and others nurtured over long years of experience in the field of calcium carbide chemicals business.
Here, we introduce Denka’s five critical business segments.

The organic materials business offers styrene-based resins, chemical products and acetylene-based organic chemicals.

The business consists of calcium carbide and fertilizers, which have been our core business since the founding of our company, along with cement and special cement additives. Also, we contribute development of civil engineering and agriculture thorough producing plastic products.

The electronic materials business offers a wide range of product mix of electronic materials.

The Electronics & Innovative Products Division provides a wide range of eco-friendly products that help people live comfortably, such as rain gutters and other building materials, industrial tape, food packaging materials, functional films, and synthetic fibers for wigs.

In addition to influenza vaccines, diagnostic reagents, and macromolecular sodium hyaluronate preparations, the Life Innovation Division is working to expand this business field by providing products and services that promote the health of people the world over.