Safety Assurance Activities

Our Initiatives to Maintain Safe Operations

To Create a Lively and Sound Workplace, We Are Facilitating Worksite Communication While Involving All Workers in Safety Activities.

Basic Policy
for Workplace Safety,
Health, Security
and Disaster Prevention

We put the utmost priority on worksite safety and health, facility security and disaster prevention in all aspects of our business activities.

To fulfi ll our social responsibilities as a chemical company, we put the utmost priority on safety as our basic stance for operations, thereby working together to create a lively and sound workplace and becoming a company capable of eliminating accidents and disasters and worthy of society’s trust.

Safety Management

Fiscal 2017 Occupational Safety Management Plan Companywide Targets

(1) Reduce the number of major accidents and disasters to zero
(2) Continually improve the occupational safety record

Priority Initiatives

(1) Step up hazard prediction systems aimed at preventing major accidents and facility-related incidents
・Leverage case studies of accidents at Denka and other companies
・Utilize systems developed by industrial associations to assist with safety assurance operations

(2) Steadily execute facility improvement projects related to safety countermeasures based on our three-year action plan
・Mitigate the intrinsic dangers of operational processes to prevent major accidents and facility-related incidents
・Set aside a budget and steadily execute planned facility improvements

(3) Create a lively and sound workplace
・Facilitate worksite communication to ensure the ongoing reduction of potential dangers and eliminate accidents attributable to operator action
・Promote safety assurance activities in which each worker is able to grasp the worth of their efforts

Points of Attention for Frontline Operators Engaged
in Safety Assurance Activities

(1) Nurture a sense of unity by proactively exchanging courtesies, telling one another “keep safe!” and wishing colleagues a safe day
(2) Practice the 3Ss—Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order)and Seiso (shine)—as these are the basics of safety
(3) Pursue the PDCA cycle to promote priority initiatives and share the outcome of such pursuit in a easily visible manner