Environment Conservation

Medium-Term Environmental Plan

Caring for the Global Environment

Focusing on Responsible Care Activities, We Seek to Reduce Energy and Resource Consumption and Environmental Burdens throughout the Life Cycles of Our Products.

Denka Signs Responsible Care Global Charter 2014

On December 9, 2014, Denka became a signatory to the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) Responsible Care Global Charter 2014, declaring its support of Responsible Care principles and commitment to practicing such principles alongside.

Medium-Term Environmental Plan

Every third year, the Denka Group updates its Medium-Term Environmental Plan and sets new targets for energy consumption as well as PRTR.

Sixth Medium-Term Environmental Plan

Overview of Environmental Impacts As of November 30, 2017

totals of all production sites for fiscal 2016

Overview of Environmental Impacts

Contribute to a Recycling-Oriented Society

Resource Recycling through Cement Production

As a Cement Producer, We Are Committed to Fulfi lling Our Social Responsibility to Contribute to a Recycling-Oriented Society.

Recycling Process Flowchart
Volume of Waste Accepted (total and per unit of production)
Breakdown of Waste Accepted in Fiscal 2016

External evaluation

Denka Is Rated “A-” in CDP Climate Change Report 2017, Earning High Scores Worthy of “Leadership” Level Corporations

Denka Company Limited (hereinafter “Denka” or the “Company”) hereby announces that it was rated “A-” in the CDP Climate Change Report 2017. In this annual publication, which evaluates a number of corporations worldwide, the Company was allocated high scores for its climate change initiatives and relevant information disclosure practices, thus earning a listing among the “Leadership” level participants.

CDP, a London-based international NPO established by an association of institutional investors around the world in 2000, publishes periodic reports on climate change countermeasure initiatives undertaken by businesses and other organizations representing a wide breadth of industries. In the course of the preparation of its fiscal 2017 report, CDP has collected and analyzed information disclosed by more than 6,200 corporations, including approximately 300 Japanese corporations.

On October 24, 2017, CDP Japan announced the Japanese version of Climate Change Report 2017, in which 13 and 59 Japanese corporations are rated, respectively, “A” and “A-.” Of the participants that serve as material suppliers, only six, including Denka, received an “A-” rating, with none from the sector being bestowed a higher rating.

Denka has participated in CDP’s climate change information disclosure scheme since fiscal 2015 and in fiscal 2017 obtained a third-party verification of the Group’s GHG emissions in line with its aim of stepping up its information disclosure practices and enhancing the reliability of reporting. Through these and other efforts, we have been striving to facilitate stakeholder understanding of technologies associated with countermeasures against global warming and designed to help us fulfil our important mission as a material manufacturer. For example, we publicize our pursuit of energy-saving solutions, our initiatives to promote the use of renewable energy via the operation of our own hydroelectric and solar power generation facilities, and our distinctive strength in lithium-ion battery, construction and civil engineering materials and other eco-friendly products.

The Denka Group considers climate change countermeasures, which have become universal themes for all those concerned about the sustainability of the global environment, one of the CSR materiality issues essential to securing greater corporate value and lasting business expansion. Using the aforementioned rating as a springboard, we will promote a management approach that places greater emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues, thereby fulfilling our social responsibilities and realizing The Denka Value, our corporate philosophy.