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Product Information


With the evolution of Electric vehicles and Hybrid vehicles and the high integration of electronic materials, the demand for heat-dissipating resins is increasing day by day. Until now, Denka has provided spherical alumina as heat-dissipating filler with high-flowability, but this time we have launched "Spherical Magnesia" as a next-generation product.
(Particle size: 60 μm / 120 μm. Other particle sizes are under development)


This product has been confirmed to have moisture resistance and reliability under 85℃ and 85% conditions.
It is possible to increase the flexibility of heat management while maintaining the high flow of resin.


  • Heat dissipation pad for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles
  • Heat dissipation sheet for various semiconductor packages
  • High thermal paste for 5G communication base stations
  • High thermal paste for in-vehicle electrical equipment

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