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Product Information


This packing tape can be printed with a wide variety of designs aimed at advertising or promoting agriculture, forest, or marine products, or preventing pilferage.


  • Can be manufactured with about 1/3 the volume of general gravure printed lots.
  • The ability to print on the adhesive color base (white or transparent) reduces cost.
  • This product does not intentionally use toxic substances designated by the EU’s RoHS Directive.


  • Printing tape for packaging
    (Products for printing)
  • Minimum Print 40A (total thickness 65µ)
  • Minimum Print 30A (total thickness 55µ)

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Specifications/Production lot

Width(mm) Length(m) Production lot (rolls) *In case of OPP Tape
37.5 50 400
50 300
75 200

* Note that production volumes may vary slightly. (Roughly ±10%)

Printable colors Design pitch
3-color letter 200mm・250mm・264mm・280mm・300mm・320mm・350mm・420mm・500mm

*Ask us about other design pitches.

Printed Colors

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