Product Information

Toyo Duct AL-N (Non-flammable)

Product Information


Toyo Duct AL-N (Non-flammable) is a flexible aluminum duct for general ventilation use.


This duct is lightweight, flexible, and nonflammable.
This product is easy to handle, and is easy to bend, cut, or connect.
This product is certified as non-flammable by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Certification number: NM-9672


For general ventilation use

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Standards and physical properties (These properties are typical values. They are not guarantees.)

Specifications Package count Minimum bend radius (mm) Maximum usage temperature (℃) Compressed length Stretchable length
AL-N 100
6 100 100 Approx. 1 m 3.5m
AL-N 150
6 150

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