Product Information


Product Information


DENKA DX FILM is an alloyed film based on polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). It has the high weatherability, staining, and chemical resistance which is attribute of PVDF, and can easily be adhered to the base material – something that was not feasible with conventional fluoropolymer films - by making it into multilayer film. A transparent type is available, as well as a colored type, which is mainly used as a backsheet for photovoltaic modules.


  • Highly weather-resistant
    ・Maintains color for long period of time: Colored type
    ・Protects base material from ultraviolet rays; Transparent type
  • Highly chemical resistant
    ・Not changed by various chemicals and solvents
  • Highly staining resistant
    ・Stains are easy to clean off
  • Highly adhesive
    ・Can heat bond with such materials as PVC, acrylic, and polycarbonate
  • Can be printed on back
  • Can be printed on back surface
  • Highly flexible
    ・Excellent workability, including bending and stretching
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and electrical insulation


  • Backsheet for photovoltaic modules
  • Outer sheath of soundproof walls of highways, general construction materials (roofs and walls)
  • Protective bags for sound-absorbing materials
  • Replacement for coating materials (e.g. marking film)
  • Construction material for high-end wallpaper, wall coverings in railway cars, and high-end building interiors (e.g. clean rooms)
  • Graphic film
  • Signs and billboards
  • Cover materials for corrosion- and water-resistant sheets
  • Lining for pipes and tanks
  • Arcades
  • Carports
  • Automobile interiors, etc.

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Backsheet for photovoltaic modules
Outer sheath of soundproof walls of highways, general construction materials (roofs & walls)
Protective bags for sound-absorbing materials

Technical Information

Product Organization
Color variations

DX-41 Color comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, gray, dark blue, light gray, and ivory.

Standard specifications
Type Thickness(µm) Width(max) Roll length(m)
Color 40 1,250 1,000
Transparent 20,30,50,100 1,250 1,000

Color type: Special-order colors are available in addition to the standard ones.
Transparent type

Ask about inventory and delivery.

General properties of DX FILM
Test Unit DX-14S
Test Method
Film thickness μm 30 40 DENKA method
Specific gravity 1.36 1.57 DENKA method
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength MPa(MD/TD) 34/24 31/23 JIS K6732
Elongation %(MD/TD) 180/180 200/200 JIS K6732
Flexural strength Folds(MD/TD) 10,000 JIS P8116
Impact strength kg・cm 2 Punch tester
Tear strength N/mm 130/130 130/120 JIS K6732
Optical properties
Visible light transmittance % 92 JIS K6714
Haze % 5 JIS K6714
Chemical properties
Water vapor transmission g/m2・24hr 130 JIS Z0208
Gas permeability CO2 cc/m2・24hr 1400 DENKA method
N2 cc/m2・24hr 90 DENKA method
cc/m2・24hr 450 DENKA method
Thermal properties
Dimensional stabillity
%(MD/TD) -1/-1 0/-1 JIS K6745
Dimensional stabillity
Dimensional stabillity
%(MD/TD) -1/-1 0/-1 JIS K6745
Dimensional stabillity
%(MD/TD) -1/-2 0/-1 JIS K6745
Electrical properties
Dielectric constant/dielectric loss
4.2/0.04 ASTM D150-54
Dielectric constant/dielectric loss
3.6/0.06 ASTM D150-54
Dielectric breakdown voltage kv/0.1mm 12.8 ASTM D149

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