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Tough Liner Large Rectangular Gutter

Product Information


Today, there is increased focus on the purpose and unique properties of a wide range of buildings, from homes to stores, public facilities, warehouses, factories, and condominiums. Building styles are growing increasingly diverse. We offer a lineup of design-centered rain gutters with a wide range of functionalities and color variations to harmonize with this diverse array of building styles.


Toyo Gutters Tough Liner Large Rectangular Gutter is a large stainless steel gutter that couples the durability of this metal with fluorine resin and high-quality coatings for increased durability and weather resistance. Used in combination with Tough Sten pipes, it can meet a wide range of needs. Details available here


Rain gutters receive rainwater fallen on buildings and drain it smoothly. They fulfill the important role of preventing residual rainwater from turning into moisture and damaging buildings. As part of the exterior, they also accent the features of the external appearance without any sense of incongruity.

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