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Large Rectangular Gutters

Product Information


Large Rectangular Toyo Gutters come in eight different varieties to suit a wide range of applications. They are used widely in large buildings, such as factories, warehouses, and stores.


  • Large selection of products
    You can choose between M type, folded type, and valley type products according to the type of roof and amount of rainfall. Workability has been improved, with a large selection of hardware available to allow installation in various conditions.
  • Extensive lineup of hardware for installation on various kinds of large buildings


Rain gutters receive rainwater fallen on buildings and drain it smoothly. They fulfill the important role of preventing residual rainwater from turning into moisture and damaging buildings. As part of the exterior, they also accent the features of the external appearance without any sense of incongruity.

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Color variations

Eave Downspout specifications

Product Specifications Product number Color Packing
Rectangular Gutters M type 120
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N401 8
Rectangular Gutters M type 150
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N402 4
Rectangular Gutters M type 220
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N406 4
Rectangular Gutters Folded 120
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N561 8
Rectangular Gutters Folded 150
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N563 4
Rectangular Gutters Folded 180
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N553 4
Rectangular Gutters Folded 250
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N557 4
Rectangular Gutters Valley 210
(Length: 4,000 mm)
A3070N560 4

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