Product Information

Product Information


Danline Excel Toyo Gutters are designed for refined functional beauty. Large rims and a double construction in front create a clean horizontal line, helping improve the appearance of the home. (Weather-resistant specification)


  • Large rims and double construction in front prevent meandering and warping
    Large rims, in addition to the double construction in front, prevent meandering, warping, and heat deformation of the gutters. The front of eave gutters is covered with highly weather resistant resin (acrylic resin), making these models especially resistant to discoloring.
  • High drainage capacity
    Because this product has large, effective cross-sectional drainage area, it almost eliminates the need for drainage slopes. This contributes to the esthetics of the building by adding gracious horizontal lines to the eaves. This Danline Excel design is available in two sizes, 55 and 75, to respond to a wide range of need of homes.


Rain gutters receive rainwater fallen on buildings and drain it smoothly. They fulfill the important role of preventing residual rainwater from turning into moisture and damaging buildings. As part of the exterior, they also accent the features of the external appearance without any sense of incongruity.

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Technical Information

Color variations

Eave troughs specifications

Product Specifications Product number Color Packing
Eave Troughs DL55F
(Length: 3,600 mm)
A3060N336 12
Eave Troughs DL55
(Length: 3,600 mm)
Eave Troughs DL75F
(Length: 3,600 mm)
Eave Troughs DL75 A3060N345

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