Product Information

Product Information


Bagneres Toyo Gutters are covered rain gutters built into the roof’s eaves. They give the edges of the eaves a beautiful design. The front-gutter feature prevents spillage of rainwater. (Weather-resistant specification)


  • Improved weather resistance, eaves-supporting function
    The front of the eave gutters forms a highly weather-resistant layer. Ideal for longer-lasting homes, this product reduces the color fading of eave gutters under sunlight exposure. The front groove prevents dripping marks on lower walls, making this product suitable for enhancing the external appearance of homes.
  • High drainage capacity
    Bagneres gutters feature an effective cross-sectional drainage area of 94.7cm².This high drainage capacity allows them to reliably receive and drain rainwater from roofs. For maintenance considerations, holes have been provided to enhance the drainage functions of the front groove.


Rain gutters receive rainwater fallen on buildings and drain it smoothly. They fulfill the important role of preventing residual rainwater from turning into moisture and damaging buildings. As part of the exterior, they also accent the features of the external appearance without any sense of incongruity.

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Color variations

Eave troughs specifications
Product Specifications Product number Color Packing
Eave troughs BE160F
(Length: 3,600㎜)
A3060B205 4

Bagneres drawings Bagneres installation instructions Key design points: anti snow
buildup measures
Key design points: shrinkage measures Key design points: wind measures

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