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A copolymer emulsion of acetic acid vinyl and ethylene, being chemically and mechanically stable, having excellent mutual solubility with solvents, plasticizing agents, and various types of emulsion, as well as excellent performance with filling agents and pigments as an admixture. As a coating film, it offers excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, weatherproofing, and resistance to aging. It has many applications, including as an adhesive, as an adhesion enhancer for mortar, as paint, etc.


  • Chemically and mechanically stable, it offers excellent mutual solubility with solvents, plasticizing agents, and various types of emulsion, adding performance and workability to suit the intended use.
  • Offers excellent diffusive performance and stability when blended with various types of filling agents and pigments.


  1. Adheres to a wide range of materials of various types, such as cellulose-based materials like wood, paper, etc. and inorganic substances like concrete, plaster, etc., as well as plastics, etc.
  2. Also, it has many applications such as the adhesion and processing of plastic sheets like PVC, olefin sheets, etc., wood, and fiber, as well as various types of paint such as mortar reinforcing agents and waterproof paints, among others.

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DENKA EVA TEX is a copolymer emulsion of ethylene and vinyl which was developed using DENKA's original technology.
DENKA EVA TEX includes a rich lineup of base emulsions to meet the needs of each application. Mixed products mixed with higher performance and workability are also available.

Characteristics as emulsion

DENKA EVA TEX is chemically and mechanically stable and has an excellent compatibility with solvents, plasticizers, and various emulsions, and it is possible to enhance its performance and workability according to the purpose of use. DENKA EVA TEX has excellent dispersion and stable miscibility with fillers and pigments.

Characteristics as film

Polymer film made from DENKA EVA TEX has excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion-resistance, and aging resistance.
DENKA EVA TEX is available in a large number of variations, ranging from grades with richer polymer flexibility to relatively less-flexible grades.

Applications of DENKA EVA TEX

DENKA EVA TEX has adhesive properties not only on woods, papers, other cellulose materials, concrete, plaster and other inorganic materials, but also on plastics and various other materials.
Also, taking advantage of its characteristics, DENKA EVA TEX is applicable for bonding and processing of vinyl chloride and other plastic sheets, wood, and fibers. It is also applicable to many fields, such as for mortar adhesive reinforcing agents and as an additive in various paints.

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