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Product Information


"DENKA ASR" is a special vinyl acetate polymer-based granular resin.


  • It is soluble in an alkali solution, having superior adhesive qualities, etc. These advantages are leveraged in a wide range of applications including: adhesives, fiber processing, paper making, construction materials, etc.


Adhesive, hot-melt adhesive, fiber-sizing agent, paper-coating agent, printing ink, FRP shrinkage prevention agent, etc

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1. Grades according to usage

"DENKA ASR" is a special granulated resin based on a modified vinyl acetate polymer. It is soluble in alkaline water solution and in various organic solvents, and possesses outstanding properties such as adhesiveness. Examples of applications: Adhesives, hot melt adhesives, textile sizing agents, paper coating agents, printing inks and FRP shrink-proofing agents, etc.

Product Type Degree of polymerization Volatile matter(%) Viscosity(m Pa s) Application
CH - 09 900 - 1,100 or more 3.0 Methanol 50%, 25℃
12,000 - 17,500
Paper Coating agent
CH - 09 1,100 - 1,300 or more 3.0 Methanol 50%, 25℃
12,000 - 16,500
Shrink proofing agent
CH - 09 900 - 1,100 or more 3.0 Methanol 50%, 25℃
12,000 - 10,000
Shrink proofing agent
2. Handling Precautions

Avoid storing in locations with high temperatures and/or humidity. Blocking may occur. A MSDS is available for each product grade, so feel free inquire for the necessary documentation.

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