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Our Policies on Quality Management

As of November 30, 2017

Fiscal 2016 Companywide Quality Policy

(1) Place particular emphasis on the importance of product safety and quality assurance

(2) Strengthen compliance with laws and regulations and enhance customer satisfaction

(3) Improve quality assurance levels Companywide

(4) Raise awareness of employees engaged in manufacturing

(5) Enhance technologies to ensure built-in quality

(6) Utilize quality management technologies and methodologies to enhance our ability to resolve issues

Guided by the fi scal 2016 Companywide quality policy, our domestic and overseas business bases have striven to achieve continuous improvement in their quality assurance systems, paying close attention to customer complaints and requests to ensure product safety and secure even better quality. As a result, we experienced no major quality problems such as those related to product liability. Moreover, the number of complaints decreased from 359 in fi scal 2015 to 326 in fi scal 2016, down approximately 10% year on year, thanks to our intensive efforts

In order to provide users and consumers with high quality and safety products, we implement rigorous manufacturing controls including the procurement of raw materials by establishing a strict chemical substance management system as well as manufacturing control standards.

Our Actions

The initiatives we have been working on include: promoting green procurement with our suppliers; limiting environmentally hazardous substances specified in the Negative List; and conducting quality controls based on ISO9001 and other standards such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) For further information, please see the “Product Safety Control and Management System” of Denka CSR Report Refernce.

Materials Safety and Management Flowchart

ISO9001 Requirement Interpretation Seminar

ISO9001 Requirement Interpretation Seminar

Quality symposium

Quality symposium