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Denka Group CSR Basic Policies

(E)Environmental preservation and protection
We will proactively facilitate the use of clean energy, take on the development of eco-friendly products and technologies, and promote energy-saving and resource-recycling measures. By doing so, we will help preserve and protect the global environment.

(S)Value creation via manufacturing
Through the pursuit of innovation, we will deliver products, services and solutions capable of supporting sustainable economic growth and helping resolve issues society is now confronting.

(S)Prioritization of safety
We will steadfastly abide by our policy of placing the utmost priority on occupational safety, employee health, facility security and disaster prevention in all aspects of our business activities. In this way, we will create a workplace free of accidents and disasters.

(S)Relationships of trust with customers
We will commit ourselves to delivering products with superior quality while providing sufficient product information to ensure customer satisfaction. We will also remain sincere in customer relations, thereby maintaining relationships of trust with customers.

(S)Diversity and work-life balance
Respecting the diversity, personalities and unique qualities of all those working for the Denka Group, we will strive to help them determine optimal working styles to ensure they realize their full potential. At the same time, we will create a vibrant workplace, promote employee health and realize a safety-oriented corporate culture.

(S)Respect for human rights
We respect the human rights of all people while striving to raise human rights awareness and helping to eradicate all kinds of human rights infringement.

(S)Information disclosure and stakeholder dialogue
We will disclose corporate information in a proactive, effective and fair manner, thereby maintaining constructive dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders.

(S)Social contribution
As a good corporate citizen, we will proactively play a positive role in society to contribute to sound and sustainable social development.

(G)Fair business conduct
We will engage in fair and free competition, appropriate dealings and responsible procurement while maintaining sound relationships with political bodies and administrative agencies.

(G)Risk Management
In addition to remaining apprised of risks that may affect our corporate activities, we will implement thoroughgoing and organized crisis management measures to secure resilience against natural disasters, terrorism cyberattacks and other events that cause serious threats to our operations.

Aug 2018