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Social Contribution Activities

As of August 22, 2018

Denka Group Social Contribution Policies

Denka aims to proactively play a positive role in society as a good corporate citizen. With this in mind, the Company hereby establishes its basic policies with regard to social contribution, clarifying the roles and responsibilities all Denka Group members must fulfill in terms of efforts to facilitate the sound and sustainable development of society.
Since its founding in 1915, the Denka Group has been pursuing the possibilities of chemical technologies. Through this pursuit, the Group has endeavored to fulfill its unchanging mission as a manufacturer in an effort to contribute to the advancement of human civilization and the development of society.
For more than a century, the Group has accumulated strengths in such fields as the generation of clean energy and the development of energy-saving technologies. The Group also boasts an array of products, services and solutions capable of contributing to social development and environmental preservation. The Group is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities by employing these strengths.
To this end, the Group will leverage its business network around the globe as a platform for social contribution. At the same time, the Group will focus on developing an environment that better encourages Group employees to take part in the following three initiatives while raising their social contribution awareness.

1. Educational, academic and cultural development

The Group will nurture young people, among whom the manufacturing industry’s future leaders may be found, while proactively providing assistance to forward-looking academic pursuits and research activities. Simultaneously, the Group will contribute to cultural development.

2. Community contribution and the preservation of the global environment

Paying respect to diverse cultures and customs in countries around the world, the Group will take a community-rooted approach in its efforts to promote the sound development of local societies in which it operates. Moreover, the Group will voluntarily implement initiatives aimed at preserving the global environment while sparing no effort to enhance the efficiency of its use of limited resources, with the aim of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

3. Assistance to health promotion, contribution to people’s well-being and facilitation of sports activities

The Group will facilitate sports activities, provide assistance to people’s health promotion efforts and contribute to their well-being. By doing so, the Group will help improve people’s quality of life in a way that leverages its core business functions associated with healthcare and the living environment.