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Local Communities

As of November 1, 2015

Revitalizing Local Communities by Promoting Sports Activities

Denka has been supporting a number of sports events held at the DENKA BIG SWAN STADIUM for the nearly two years since renaming this arena following the acquisition of naming rights in January 2014. It is the home stadium for ALBIREX NIIGATA, a professional football team. The stadium also provided a venue for the 99th Japan National Track & Field Championships, a nationwide track and field competition.
In addition, having signed a uniform supplier agreement with the NIIGATA Albirex BB Rabbits, a female basketball team based in Niigata, Denka is proactively providing assistance as the Company expects the team to help drive the revitalization of local society. We will continue to promote sports activities to create a more vibrant community.

Denka Big Swan Stadium

Denka Big Swan Stadium